Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Punch Me in the Face

Asking introspective and probing questions simply does not work with Logan. He's one step ahead of me so I am constantly having to dig deep into the parenting reserves to try to figure him out.

This morning I walked in on Lukas hitting Logan. He was put into a time out. I asked him if he thought he would like to be hit. Predictably, he said, "No." He apologized to Logan and they went about their business.

Fast forward about one hour. I walk into a room and see Logan cornering Luella in the corner and bopping her on the head. So I use a similar tactic. Logan gets a "time-in" and I ask him the same question. "How would you like to be hit like that?" Logan says, "I like to be hit Mommy."

"Oh really?"

"Yes. It's funny." He then smacks himself in the face five times to illustrate his point. I sigh.



"Will you punch me in the face please?"

"Um, no. I won't punch you in the face."

Now I have a three-year-old running around the room, slapping himself in the face, and screaming, "Mommy punch me in the face! Mommy punch me in the face!"

Good thing my neighbors are all at work.

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Maria said...

Okay, this is hysterical to me. Mostly because it is not my child. When my kids outsmart me it drives me nuts.