Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gotcha Journalism

The other day I was heavily involved in commenting on someones facebook post when Logan came and asked me for something to drink. "Go ahead and get yourself some water." I told him.

I hear him get some water and think nothing of it until about four minutes later when I notice it is unusually quiet for all three of the kids to be awake and standing right around the corner from where I was sitting.

I wander into the kitchen to find the entire floor covered in a puddle of water. Ack! Not on the expensive wood floors!! Logan is jumping happily in the puddles while Lukas is doing something with my IPhone.

"Who is responsible for this mess?" I ask.

"Lukas!" yells Logan giving the predictable answer.

In a completely out of character response, Lukas simply hands me the phone and walks out of the room. I look at the phone and see the following series of photos.

Here we see the glass sitting in the puddle of water.

Here we see Logan dumping out the cup of water onto the floor.

Here we see Logan happily jumping in the mess he created.

Innocent bystander.

Here is Logan refilling his cup to have another go at it.

And finally we see Logan sitting in time-out for dumping water all over the floor.

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Maria said...

Boy genius! Where was an iphone when I needed the truth on my side as a kid?