Monday, June 4, 2012

The Boob Tube

My kids watch television and movies everyday. There I said it, now let me explain.

They are not staring at the television all day long, but they get an hour or two in each day plus a few movies each week. Studies have shown.... blah, blah, blah. It is hard for me to justify not allowing my kids television or movies when they play such an important part in my life.

 I watch several movies a week. I also have shows that I follow pretty religiously. I enjoy them because I fell they add something positive to my life. Before we had kids, we went and saw nearly every movie that came out in the movie theater. I love to laugh, cry, and gasp at the things I see in films. And my kids get something important out of their television viewing also.

Lukas gets lost in episodes of How Its Made. Logan claps and sings along with the Muppets. We have cheered Harry Potter on together and compared the story book Jumanji to the movie. We clap for our favorite superheros and learn about different kinds of families. Yes, all these things can be found in books, but why not experience it in different ways?

To me, not allowing my kids to watch a show or watch a movie would be like telling them that the art museum is a waste of time or that we shouldn't listen to music. I consider television shows and movies to be an art form. Yes, even Phineas and Ferb. It may not be very highbrow, but the animation is vivid and the writing is witty and fun.

Like most things in life, television watching is fine in moderation. As long as my kids are still getting out and riding their bikes and showing enthusiasm for the books we read or the art that we create, I don't see a problem with allowing more television than the recommended amount.

Besides, how else will I get dinner cooked every night?

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